Amanda Francis
By Amanda Francis on September 07, 2023

Apple River Trip Brings Smiles and Memories

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to float the Apple River with the Outlaws last month. 

We had a blast seeing everyone and getting to watch our members interact with the drivers. 

Our racing family spends a lot of time traveling up and down the road together, from one track to the next, but we don’t always get to kick back, relax, and spend time with fans. Tubing down the Apple River was a great way to help connect people in our racing community, and wow did we all have a great time!

There may have been a couple of slight malfunctions, including a temporarily lost cell phone – Taylor Prall FTW with that recovery — and a popped cooler tube (avoid low hanging branches), but it added to the memories and left everyone looking forward to more trips in the future. Thank you to everyone that went down the river with us and to Steve Kaufman and his staff at River’s Edge Apple River Tubing!

- Amanda

Published by Amanda Francis September 7, 2023
Amanda Francis