Jordyn Trulli
By Jordyn Trulli on September 07, 2023

2nd Annual Whales with Outlaws a Success!

We had a great turnout for this years Be an Outlaw Whale Watching Adventure in Anacortes, Washington! World of Outlaws drivers Robbie Price and Noah Gass joined us on an absolutely perfect day of whale watching.


We were able to see Orcas, sea lions and all sorts of other fun creatures. 


Our Be an Outlaw members got to experience a five-hour tour guided by an awesome captain and two naturalists that specialized in Whales. They made the experience even better for fans as they answered any and all questions about whales.

Our day started with a stop in Friday Harbor and then all sorts of exploring through some of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific Northwest. The real beauty was seeing multiple pods of Orcas following the island's shores and the rising tide.


Our captain had us following whales for miles and miles. It was so neat to see them in person and try to guess where they would pop up next! They sure kept us on the edge of our seats and the boat deck as we tried to get the best photos and videos.


They even let us know the largest Orca whale we saw all day was born in 1995! He was massive and a sight to see. We truly enjoyed having such a great group of Outlaws on the tour with us this year and can't wait for the next adventure!

- Jordyn

Published by Jordyn Trulli September 7, 2023
Jordyn Trulli